Sylvia Gattas graduated from Pepperdine University April, 2017 and moved to D.C. to join the Math Brain Lab. During her undergrad, she majored in Psychology with an emphasis in neuropsychology, and minored in nonprofit management. She participated in research with two labs. The first, a child clinical lab with a focus on body image development and the second was focused on learning, memory and cognition. Sylvia is interested in how types of education can impact child development, cognition and how children acquire the foundations behind learning such as neural precursors which allow for the acquisition of symbolic systems. She is also interested in how policy can play a role in what children learn and how much opportunity they are given to use their abilities to their full extent. On her free time, Sylvia likes to go on adventures, catch some waves or take Cleo out for some doggy play time. She is now a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford in England.